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An introduction to queer spiritual health: Christianity

As someone identifies as a Christian and queer, I’ve been pretty sad about the lack of a voice that queer people have within the Christian community (in the larger culture). Part of why I wanted to start this blog was to discuss openly that queer people have spiritual lives, defining spirituality broadly, be it religious or simply something that gives you a reason to get up in the morning. The larger conversation of our current culture is still grappling with this, especially with the Christian faith.

With Jennifer Knapp’s recent coming out as a Christian musician and a lesbian, the debate was brought back out in front, or at least covered more in mainstream media. When Jennifer Knapp was on Larry King, the talk was very focused on whether people can be Christian and gay. Which of course, thousands of queer people are Christian and have no problem with it. All you have to do is walk in to an open and affirming United Church of Christ church, a Metropolitan Community Church, or a Quaker Meeting (or many, many other deominations) to find queer Christians.

We’ve all heard “love the sinner, hate the sin” from some aspect of the Christian community at some time. Usually, its thrown at you with what feels like fake love. Those saying it claim to be trying to be loving and non-judgmental. Yet, they are still looking to change their queer brothers and sisters. It makes me sad that they can’t see that. While they are not openly hating or being physically violent to queer people, it still feels like spiritual violence to me. Organizations like Exodus International feed out of this idea and cause lasting damage to queer people of faith. Truth Wins Out is a great resource for ex-gay survivors of programs like Exodus International.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. I definitely want to talk more about this later, including other religions, biblical self defense, and more on trans people and religion. I’d especially love to hear about people’s journeys of faith, spirituality, and atheism.