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Kids these days…

I sat down with Evan Hubbard, a friend of mine who graduated with me in May from Wheelock College’s MSW program. Evan identifies as a transman on the surface, but a genderqueer transmasculine boi on a deeper level. His concentration is on gender identity and dysphoria and GLBT relationships. He interned for the past year with PFLAG Greater Boston.

Evan and I chatted about today’s queer youth and how they are seeing gender identity and gender expression. We both agreed that kids are more and more embracing non-binary forms of gender. Evan remarked that he’s seen kids walking around in a football jersey, khaki shorts, and heels all at once. We’re both veterans of the awesome True Colors Queer Youth Conference run by True Colors Inc. in Connecticut, where Evan has been noticing that expressing yourself as more gender variant has gone from the handful of trans youth to being more common among queer youth in general. These kids are redefining gender norms and making it their own.

So why exactly is this shift happening? Evan sees it as a generational thing. With more and more trans people coming out of the wood works in both the queer communities and the general public, kids are feeling more comfortable exploring gender expressions in their own way too. Especially among those of us in our 20s and younger, not conforming to the masculine/feminine, butch/femme binaries is much more common. And, messing around with these boundaries does not necessarily mean that you are transitioning, but that you are doing what feels comfortable.

Hipsters are a great example of the trend of stretching the outside of the strictly queer culture. Straight hipsters guys are wearing clothes that would traditionally be considered more feminine and straight hipster girls are wearing things that could be considered masculine. Often, even, the clothes can be interchangeable and shared between genders. Oh, you cute hipsters.

Another thing that is changing is the description and understanding of “transgender”. I’ve noticed the description of what being transgender is in the media is often described as, “being born in the wrong body.” However, more and more trans people are saying that they were not a mistake and that they enjoy being trans. Hopefully the media will catch up on this and recognize that its not necessarily that transgender people hate their bodies. What’s difficult is that to describe a complex idea, such as transgender folks, you sometimes have to start with a not entirely true statement. Hopefully from there you can help them deconstruct the gender binary, though.

So, way to go kids! Stretch all our minds and make us throw our assumptions out the window!


An Untapped Gem

Ever notice something that should really be happening? For years now, I’ve been talking about the crazy amount of money that could be made off of selling men’s clothing made for women’s bodies (talking in the traditional sense of the words, of course). Butch lesbians and genderqueers have long had to shop in the little boys’ sections, search endlessly in thrift stores, or learn how to alter clothes for affordable clothing that fits their style, but its not typically made for their bodies.

Sadly, there’s still not a lot of resources out there, but here are a few I’ve found in my travels to share with you. Feel free to share yours in the comments as well.


Did you fall in love with Dani Campbell during the ridiculous A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila? The only good thing to come out of that trainwreck was Dani Campbell. She started a clothing line called Futch which became PinkBoyBlueGirl. Sadly, it looks like it hasn’t really become much yet. But we can hope that she’s putting something together with the other folks she’s brought together to this new label. Anyway, I’d keep my eyes peeled on this site. Especially if she plans on selling things like she’s wearing on the left…

DITC, dykesinthecity

I used to see these guys every time I went to a queer festival of some sort. They started off with t-shifts and a-shirts (the nice way of saying a wife-beater) and moved on to ties and such. Looks like they’ve got a nice selection of products. Not necessarily the tailored shirts, pants, or suits that many people are looking for, but they do have some nice designs that make ties and shirts a little more interesting. They also have some things that are for lesbians who are a little more feminine.


This site is the most promising that I’ve seen so far. While they’re not selling any clothes, DapperQ is a great fashion blog for people with bodies that are traditionally considered female who are interested in masculine and queer gender expression or identity. Susan Herr has done a great job so far of talking to everyday and more well known queer people about their fashion and how they get around the issue of wanting to dress more masculine and finding clothes that they feel comfortable in. I would definitely add this site to my RSS feed if I were you. Also… it doesn’t hurt that they put up a super cute picture and post from my girlfriend (pictured left).

So if I were you, and I was wanting to make a fortune, I’d take advantage of the (oy, am I really going to use this horrible business cliché?) low hanging fruit by getting myself a degree in fashion – or at least take some sewing classes – and get to work on creating the clothes that all these super cute butch or genderqueer identifying (or other identifications) queers would like to be wearing. Because wearing clothes that you feel good in makes you feel better about yourself and better about your prospects in the world.

What do you do to find clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident?