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Updates and Awesomeness

Hello faithful readers!


I’ve been at camp the past week, so that explains my absence. Look for a future post on ¬†queerness and summer camp. It’s brewing in my head.

Also, some awesome news! I wrote a post for Autostraddle! They’re a hilarious tongue-in-cheek all things lesbian blog. The post is all about the effects of abstinence only education on queer kids. Check it out here in all its “guest contributor” glory. Feel free to throw some comments in about your agonizing high school sex ed days (or lack there of). There may be future posts with Autostraddle. I will keep you all updated!

Something else to look forward to – another post from Robbie.

One more little bit of housekeeping. My blog might look a little bit different. WordPress deleted the theme I was using, so I’ll have to make do with this new one. The widgets on the sidebar will be making a reappearance soon. Hope it’s not an inconvenience!

Hooray! Thanks for all the support everyone!


Wanna be starting something

Welcome to Come hither!

My goal is to create a comprehensive health blog for the queer community. When I was explaining starting this blog, someone said to me, “What’s the difference between health for queer people and health for straight people?” I thought, “Oh wow, where to start…”

I’ve got lots of ideas in store for exploring health topics for queer people. I’m casting a pretty wide net – looking at all types of health: biological, psychological, social, sexual, and spiritual. I’d also like to try to keep you all updated on what’s going on in research and journaling of queer issues. I want to make all things queer health accessible.

Hold on, though, because my iTunes just started Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” when I asked it to play all the songs I have with the word “start” in it. Clearly, this is a problem that needs immediate fixing. Check back here as I get things started!