Please excuse the ridiculous flip of my hair.

Come hither is written by Missy Sturtevant, MSW (as of December, 2010).

I started this blog because there is a huge gap for information on queer health that is presented in an accessible format for queer people. This blog covers a comprehensive view of health, what we social workers call biopsychosocial (but I’m also including spiritual and sexual health). This acknowledges that health includes many components, not just physical health.

I am a graduate of Wheelock College and hold my undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Health and Wellness from Cedar Crest College. I work with LGBTQ youth in the area, along with many other side projects. Please note that while I work with youth and this blog does include sexual health, I only discuss age appropriate sexual health topics with youth in areas where it is specifically permitted as a part of my employment.

So why’s this blog called “Come hither”? Well, have you ever had anyone try to explain to you where the G Spot is located? People usually say to make a “come hither” motion with your fingers. There you have it!

I can be contacted at comehitherblog@gmail.com

Please feel free to let me know what you would like to see, including any topics you’d like me to look into and blog about for you!