Queerness in the Doctor’s Office

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I’m looking to do a more in depth post on queer people’s experiences with doctors. I was wondering if some of you feel comfortable writing something down about experiences – good and bad – that you’ve had with a doctor or nurse and being queer.

I’ll give you a quick example. I was once told when I was getting a pap smear that, since I was only (at the time) sexually active with girls, that I only had to get a pap once every 5 years.

Have you ever been told something like that? Or – have you not seen a doctor because you thought they might not treat you in a comfortable way because of your identity? Have doctors or nurses assumed you were heterosexual or cisgendered? I’d love to hear any and all of your experiences! I’d like to put together a post with experiences from readers and recommendations for doctors and nurses. Feel free to add recommendations for things that would make you more comfortable.

Send your thoughts and experiences to comehitherblog@gmail.com. I promise to keep everything confidential.


One response to “Queerness in the Doctor’s Office

  1. I am not the sort to bother commenting on individuals blogs usually however after stumbling across yours I decided I would shoot a little note to give myself a break from work. As you can imagine I’ve become a bit distracted after sticking around to read a few of your articles. Carry on the good writing and i am already looking forward to checking out upcoming blog posts. Cheers!

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