A quick break for something fun

Taking a quick break from serious topics for some quick awesomeness.

First, I love this song by The Who, first pointed out to me by my bff Carly.

You’ve got to love people taking an awesome stance on trans issues in the mid 1960s. Lyrics are below the jump.

Next is a song from two of my favorite queer ministers (I love that I have several!) on gender identity. This is Chris and Liz who have named themselves The MSG Band (Mediocre Singing and Guitar). Lyrics also after the jump. Watch for the awesome kazoo action.

I’m a Boy
The Who

One girl was called Jean Marie
Another little girl was Felicity
Another little girl was Sally Joy
The other was me, and I’m a boy

My name is Bill, and I’m a head case
They practice making up on my face
Yeah, I feel lucky if I get trousers to wear
Spend evenings taking hairpins from my hair

I’m a boy, I’m a boy
But my ma won’t admit it
I’m a boy, I’m a boy
But if I say I am, I get it

Put your frock on, Jean Marie
Plait your hair, Felicity
Paint your nails, little Sally Joy
Put this wig on, little boy


Wanna play cricket on the green
Ride my bike across the street
Cut myself and see my blood
Wanna come home all covered in mud


It’s Only a Wee-Wee
Peter Alsop

As soon as you’re born, grownups check were you pee
And then they decide just how you’re s’posed to be
Girls pink and quiet, boys noisy and blue
seems like a dumb way to choose what you’ll do

Well it’s only a wee wee, so what’s the big deal?
It’s only a wee wee, so what’s all the fuss?
It’s only a wee wee and everyone’s got one
There’s better things to discuss

Now girls must use makeup, girl’s names and girl’s clothes
And boys must use sneakers, but not pantyhose
The grownups will teach you the rules to their dance
And if you get confused, they’ll say “Look in your pants”

If I live to be nine, I won’t understand
Why grownups are totally obsessed with their glands
If I touch myself, “Don’t do that,” I’m told
And they treat me like I might explode

Now grownups watch closely each move that we make
Boys must not cry, and girls must make cake
It’s all very formal and I think it smells
Let’s all be abnormal and act like ourselves

(obvi, I own no rights to either of these lyrics.)


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  1. ROCK ON

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