For the love of Hanson

Semi related to this blog, here’s a podcast that I was on a few weeks ago. (I come in at 49:30.) In it, I talk about my love of Hanson while at the same time being queer. For anyone looking for some nice ear candy to make your commute a little more tolerable, or anyone that loves commentary on pop culture and hilariously mundane things, I highly suggest Too Beautiful to Live. Affectionately referred to as TBTL and hosted by Luke Burbank.

Me with Taylor (left) and Zac (right) Hanson, when they visited my college in 2006 and I got to interview them on the radio. Isaac was down the hall and missed my photo op.

I fell in love with Luke on his stint of the short lived NPR show The Bryant Park Project. TBTL has a segment called Call Makers, where Luke calls up listeners who have topics they’d like to discuss with him. I called to gush about my ridiculous love of Hanson and the hots I have for Zac Hanson, specifically. I also dragged my girlfriend into it and her love of Justin Bieber (which, to be honest, she’s not as in love with him as I like to tell people. But she does appreciate anyone of the younger male persuasion who can pass as a lesbian. Can you hear me Zac Efron?)

Here’s the amazing video of the song I was talking about – “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”. Definitely worth watching. It was made in honor of the Blues Brothers movie and their love for oldies music.

Hanson, actually, made it hard for me to come out. You can ask those who were close to me in my 12-14 aged years; I was boy crazy. I thought about boys, 24-7. So when I started dating a girl at 15, it threw everyone off. I mean, for god’s sake, my room was literally covered – walls and ceiling, with pictures of Hanson and other boys. So, I don’t blame anyone who may not have believed me at the time or thought it was a phase. And here’s the thing, before I started dating my first girlfriend, I had no idea that I was attracted to girls. But I believe sexuality is a fluid thing that can evolve over time, and some studies show that to be true for many other women. I can dig those up sometime so we can all analyze them together.

And Hanson still makes me feel like a 12 year old girl drunk off of hormones from puberty sometimes. And that’s okay with me. It’s also part of the reason why I identify with the label of queer. It leaves room for things like that.

Hanson’s new album, Shout It Out, comes out on June 8th – TODAY. Don’t lie. You loved MmmBop in 1997.


2 responses to “For the love of Hanson

  1. I was also a boy crazy tween of the Tiger Beat and Bop variety, and still keep a running tab of dreamy boy celebs. To this day, whenever I encounter childhood friends I feel like I have to extra prove my gay in case they only remember boy-obsessed me. It’s AWESOME to know I’m not the only queer who embraces pretty boys in their crush collection.

  2. “You guys sound like you’re pretty bad at being gay.” I almost did a spit-take.

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